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KUN Capital develops financial structures to deploy capital for business and funds that generate positive impact for humanity and environment while generating HIGH financial returns.

Proudly Mexican firm. Our unique ideas fuse strong relationships around the world to promote people’s health, energy and water solutions, sustainable housing and technological innovation across the board.

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With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, in the Mayan Riviera for middle and residential housing with the highest quality standards, cost transparency and profitability.


Improving people’s health is a priority. We invest in medical, nanotechnology, social assistance and medical innovation projects at affordable prices.


Biomaterials for construction, biofuels and waste transformation that are already a reality. We promote projects that respect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.


At NA ‘Eco-living, the protection and preservation of our environment, the realistic conservation of nature, the use of renewable and alternative energies, the treatment of waste, the protection of species and the limit of the exploitation of natural resources become a dream for any admirer of nature, let’s be part of this lifestyle.

Water Solutions

We develop and implement technology aimed at solving water needs, from its capture to its reuse. Smart, disruptive and highly affordable alternative solutions ideal for community projects, schools, shelters, rural homes, health centers, medical dispensaries, disaster areas and anywhere where piped drinking water and / or electricity are NOT available.


We promote both sustainable development and circularity. Specifically, the principles of the circular economy – reuse, repair and recycle – are a fundamental part of KUN Capital’s thesis. Through reuse, repair, recycling and transformation we reduce the total amount of waste and its impact.